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Shivani Narayanan’s stunning Pongal kolam photos go viral – Tamil News



Shivani Narayanan the most hyped ‘Bigg Boss 4’ contestant managed to stay in the house for 98 days and went out on a high note after winning the tough rope task and earning the tag Singa Penn. Her on-screen romantic antics with Balaji Murugadoss also helped the TRP of the show more than anything else this season.

Shivani who has an enviable fanbase of followers on social media before ‘Bigg Boss 4’ used to post stunning photos that kept her fans super happy but after her eviction, she remained out of the public eye for the past one week.

Shivani is now back on social media and as a special treat to her fans she has posted some stunning pics of her Pongal celebration including ones of her creating “Kolams”. She has also written in Tamil her festive wishes that everyone get an overflow of love, happiness and prosperity.

Shivani’s amazing kolam skills are also on display in the pics having created the traditional pots and sugarcanes to perfection.


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